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April 2018 - Photos and Images

We're are now incorporating images onto the homepage of Daily Digital New's content aggregation.

This is being done via open graph protocol, whereby we use public images that the original source (the original news publisher) includes in their webpage meta-data. Open graph markup helps create objects on social platforms, and we feel that our use is consistent with the principles of limited use for research and education.

March 2018 - New Language Processing

Daily Digital News originally tried and tested multiple natural language processing tools and settled with Alchemy API as our preference. Unfortunately IBM Watson purchased Alchemy, and slowly absorbed it into it's own API services. The transition was not pleasant to say the least, and as a result we now take advantage of two Natural Language Processing tools (NLPs).

'Watson Natural Language Understanding' by IBM Watson and TextRazor (

During this time we also decided to remove the facebook pixel tracking code from our site. With recent developments suggesting facebook audience data is not as safe as first believed we have taken steps to remove all facebook tracking scripts from Daily Digital News.

August 2017 - Terms and Conditions updated!

We're very happy with website visitor numbers for 2017, and traffic continues to grow and grow. Thanks to you, and your interest in following world news topics. In an effort to build website visitor numbers we have deployed a facebook tracking pixel which helps correlate website visitors with facebook users. This is purely for advertising means, and as a result have had to update our terms and conditions that relate to online privacy. While Daily Digital News and Daily Digital Pty Ltd have no direct access to individual online user data, facebook does. Daily Digital News, like countless other websites, trust that the use of this tracking script will help build our audience without impacting negatively on online privacy.

Unfortunately, at the end of June, start of July our server went down, and our crawling of news articles stopped for a few days. But we promptly picked up from where we left off.

April 2017 - Gone Social!

We're now taking advantage of both the twitter and facebook APIs to promote our world news aggregation. Since starting with twitter first, which was automatically cross-posting 'tweets' to facebook, we noticed the larger volumes coming from the latter.

Twitter seems entirely flawed as a social channel, while basic organic posts to facebook produce actual visitor numbers. As a result we're now posting properly to Daily Digital New's facebook page as a priority.

Additionally, credit to the brilliant photographers whose creative work is being used to help us build awareness on social media is available here: photo image credit attribution.

February 2017 - Make The News Great Again!

A new article reporting system has been deployed, to handle complaints about any specific article.

Some tinkering has improved the speed of a few routines that generate news feeds.

We've been getting traffic, since December, so I've pushed the button on the twitter propagation. Let's see what all those hashtags bring us!

Development work continues to address speed and bug issues, but there most definitely is a light at the end of the tunnel.

December 2016 - Almost There!

Considering this website and database concept was conceived in October 2013, the feet are clearly dragging.

The site is now using foundation 6's CSS framework. Courtesy of contributions from Thomas Bullock a new look and feel has been rolled out across the site. It hasn't been pretty dealing with the changes from foundation 5 to 6.

But, the site is looking better than 3 months ago, and is almost ready for public consumption.

In addition to painfully squeezing padding and margin settings on the new responsive navigation system, we created special pages that offer the top news topics over the last week, and the top quotations found in the news over the last week. These two pages offer a different online news experience, and we have plenty more ideas to come...

October 2014 - Databasing Begins!

After being unable to find a developer to work with me on the Daily Digital News project, I went about developing the crawler myself in php.

The inspiration to get on with it and build the site myself came from a presentation at SMX London where a presenter showcased a number of APIs useful for getting data such as social shares.

Soon the crawler was built, and from October 2014 the system was databasing various articles, and meta-data.

October 2013 - An Idea...

What if world news topics were aggregated and made more accessable in one place?

What if this aggregation took advantage of natural language processing to create news feeds of the top stories?

What if the platform also monitored social activity around world news topics?


James Bullock, Director

Any written correspondence regarding Daily Digital News ( should be directed to:

James Bullock
Southgate, Cork Street
Dublin, D8, Ireland.

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